About Me

norbert josefsson

Gina Laventura.

artist with a passion for poetry and prose.

My Veins or I’m an Artist

My heart is covered with texts,
my veins are wrapped in poetry,
my heart is pumping passion
and through my veins runs lyric.
Every fibre of my existence
seems to be connected with inspiration,
muse‘s kiss inflaming me.
Creative life seems to be meant for me
or am I meant for it ?
There is no other option than to admit
that there‘s no other possibility
because I chose this life, or rather
this life has chosen me.
So, with every step I take
my passion pumping heart
lets lyric run
through my poetry wrapped veins
until every fibre consists of texts and thoughts,
ideas and poems.
How could I choose
to refuse
living this life that chose me?
I‘m an artist.
This is what I was and what I‘ll always be.
I‘m an artist.
And this is what I am meant to be.

Gina Laventura © 2012


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