About my work

norbert josefsson

My passion for poetry, prose and photos lead to now round about 12 years of experience in the various fields of art I’m working in.
I deliberately use the term passion and not the word hobby, as for me, even if it might have started as a hobby, the root of love for these creative activities was already planted very deep.
These are not replaceable free time activities for me, but conceptualising, planning, organising and executing these creative projects, writing these poems, stories, books, having those creative meetings with photographers, videographers, graphic designers, interacting with other creative minds, moulding those impulses into something beautiful is what I love, live, breathe.

The red thread of creativity runs through everything that I do, every field I’m working in, be it academic, professional or creative.
And my art is as versatile as I am.
Every project is different although it contains known and similar aspects and structures from time to time. But this necessity for flexibility, thinking differently, seeing a bigger picture and putting all the puzzle pieces together, is what gets my motivation straight up and what I find thrilling.

My repertoire includes modelling, writing, editing, translating, conceptualising, planning and organising. All in the context of creative projects.

Let me give you a quick overview:

– model for photo shootings for portrait, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and artistic concepts
– workshop model

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Or if you’d like to see some photo shooting results, take a look at my portfolio.

– poetry & prose for special occasions
– professional storytelling

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