About This Blog

norbert josefsson

My art is as versatile as me. And as you.
I believe that you are more than just your profession, just your passion, just your hobby.
Nevertheless, I see creativity as a red thread running through nearly everything that I do.
I’m a writer, I’m an author, I’m a model, I’m a storyteller, a language lover, a poet, and many more things that I can’t think of right now.

What I aim to share on this blog besides results of creative projects, be it written or in photographs or a combination of both, is food for thought, impulses and inspiration.
So, apart from results from photo shootings or photo series accompanying a text or random thoughts, it’s also a space where I would like to give insights into behind the scenes of creative productions, share tipps & tricks concerning the branches that I work in, recommend things I find inspiring and enter discussions and discourse with you.
As an artist, a lot of the creative concepts and ideas revolve in my own head, so your feedback is fuel and food to future projects and ideas. That’s why I started the #sundaystory as an interactive game that gets your inspiration fired up and my mind on the spin.
Read more about the sundaystory here.

Other than that, in the creative chaos cloud you can find the categories and you can choose what you’d like to read about.

Feel free to send feedback or ask questions via the contact form or via email.
One of my creeds is “Inspiration through communication”.

Also, feel free to follow me on social media, I share photo and text combinations and short poetry and prose on Instagram and in the Insta stories you can sometimes find funny behind the scenes impressions from my days on set.

I love to be inspired and I hope to inspire as well.