Professional Storytelling

marcus beeskow

What do I mean when I use the word professional storytelling?

Professional storytelling for me is a multi-layered method that can be applied in various fields.
Here some examples:

Bios, About Me Texts, Company Presentations, Profiles
Have you ever experienced this moment where you have the most brilliant advice for others, you know exactly what they should do to present themselves, their company, their product in an optimal and successful manner, but when you have to do the same, you’re completely lost?
Then I welcome you in my virtual space of stories, texts and words.
Take a seat, relax and let me help you structure your ideas.
Let me ask you the right questions and step by step we will get where you want to go and create an authentic written representation of you, your company, your work, your product, your passion.

Marketing of a Service or Product
Professional storytelling telling for me is connected to but different from marketing.
While marketing mostly focuses on customer oriented slogans that sell, the focus of professional storytelling lies more on the authenticity of the producer or service provider.
The question is not “Why should you buy it?” but “Why do I sell it?”.
Why do you do what you do? What service or product do you contribute and why do you consider this contribution valuable?
It’s about creating valuable and meaningful content that you can identify with and that draws potential customers in.

Memoires & Milestones
You’ve been working in your field for over 20 years now and you think it’s time to share your knowledge and experience?
You’d like to create a milestone, write a book and immortalise your journey?
Then professional storytelling is what helps you structure your ideas, keep your audience in mind and create a meaningful and memorable memento.
And you don’t have to have worked for over 20 years to share your path:
I’ve worked together with a photographer who wanted to share her journey from the first camera she ever held in her hand to where she is today and where she aims to go in the future.
The result was a beautiful book, the preface of which I was honoured to write. This book takes the reader by the hand along the trails she already wandered and gives an insight into her ideas for coming projects.

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