Photo: Kathrin Mauksch

I look into the mirror but it doesn’t reflect me.
A blurred silhouette in a watery periphery.
I trusted a stranger and I doubted my heart.
Seems like I mistook angels for demons and demons for angels. A blurred picture in a watery mirror.
I do not reflect. I’m trapped. Stuck. My vision is clear, but my sight is blurry.
So I wipe away the tears and release the pressure into the ground. The supporting vibes of the earth pushing back and setting me upright.
Deep inhale after cutting the surface. Water dripping from my face over my shoulders onto the floor.
I turn my head. My vision’s still clear. Hands covering my face. I was mistaken. I have let myself be taken. With watery words onto a blurred path. Mistaken.
Drip, drop, drop, drip. I breath. Water dripping from the mirror. It reflects. Me?
Say with me: I forgive myself and I forgive the others.
A big wave splashing into my face, pouring into me. I’m still standing. The water’s still dripping.
I wash away the demons. I take away the damp veil from the mirror.
I was mistaken. I was trapped. Stuck. But I was never lost.
I doubt the stranger and I trust my heart.
Through the glittering surface of the mirror I can see a reflection.
My hand reaching for the mirror. A shrieking noise while the cold material touches my hand in movement before the warmth of my hand reflects upon the silver surface.
The heart’s a stranger we once knew. Before it got blurry.
The familiar stranger pumping waves of blood with pressure through the silhouette. Back to life.
I wipe away the tears. Wash away the demons.
My sight is clear. So is my vision.
I trust my heart.

Gina Laventura © 2014