Blood and Ink

I bleed my heart out onto this page. This snow-white blank page.
Black ink and red blood.
Misery can create beauty and melancholy can capture pretty pictures.
One more unspoken word. Ink.
One more untold story. Blood.
The pressure becomes unbearable, so I open my mouth and I open my heart.
I speak ink and bleed my heart out.
Onto this snow-white blank page.

Gina Laventura © 2014

Lonely Heart of an Artist

Lonely Heart of an Artist

Maybe I have to have a lonely heart to be a good artist.
From time to time I’m allowed a small glimpse of what it feels like to be connected and this feeling causes enthusiasm and enthusiasm causes energy and this energy can be transformed into art.
Maybe I’d be a better artist if I had found the other half but I mean it’s just a thought..a random thought just coming and leaving again, like inspiration itself. Coming, leaving but leaving a mark, a trace and then it’s gone.
People standing in front of me, telling me that I’m not alone.
I never said I was alone. I said I was lonely.
It’s just a thought. But maybe, just maybe I have to have a lonely heart to be a good artist.
Maybe that’s the price I have to pay.

Gina Laventura © 2013