#writerswednesday: Write it off your Chest ! – A Writing Exercise for Everyone

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#writerswednesday: write it off your chest

Cheers my dears,

today it’s #writerswednesday again and due to the current crisis I came up with something different.
I’ve prepared a writing exercise for you as a little video class to help you release pressure and breathe properly again.

It’s for everyone!
You don’t need to be a writer, poet or to have any skills in advance.
All you need is pen & paper.

The exercise consists of a little warm-up and three exercises.

Join me 🙂

I hope it helps you to get through these tough times.

If it’s helpful and valuable for you, feel free to share it with a friend.
I’d love to read/see/watch your results, so please tag me if you publish something from this exercise 🙂
Also feel free to leave some feedback in the comments below

take care, stay safe & sound and healthy


Rosie’s Relief or Off her Chest

Get out of my head!
Sometimes she has to write you off her chest. Off her mind.
Sometimes she needs to dance away into the distance.
And sometimes she succeeds in getting you off her mind. For a while.
But no matter how much she’s writing, or how wild she’s dancing, she never gets you off her heart.
Sometimes it’s a relief, when every unspoken word is put down in ink. A created space for her own.
Still you’re there. Somewhere. In the dark distance her dance has bridged.
Every unspoken word written off her chest onto the paper. Her fingertips covered in ink. And while the fingertip is resting in the puddle of ink, the pumping heart produces a beat the fingers can’t resist.
And ink becomes colourful. A million colours pumping under her fingertip, pouring into her. Filling her mind, her chest, her heart.
And a million more stories are to be written. A million more unspoken and spoken words are to be taken down in colours and in ink.
A hundred more dances through the distance. A million more steps through colourful ink.
Written off the chest. Onto paper.
Inscribed with ink and colour. On paper. On heart.
Fixed forever.

Gina Laventura © 2014