FAQ Friday: What makes modelling so interesting?

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Photo & Editing: Dave Greensmith

I really like to perform different facets in front of the camera, because this is what it really is: a performance.
It can be a performance of a role, therefore a character, or the performance of a facet that is inherent in oneself.
What I consider most interesting is that sometimes you perform a role just to realise that this role is a facet of yourself that you just didn’t know before. (Besides the fact that make-up artists tend to show you different colour combinations and styles that you would not have chosen but that you find out suit you quite well)
I personally enjoy learning and discovering new things. As said before, sometimes you discover that you performed something that is inherent in you and sometimes you also learn what is not inherent in you, what you don’t like or want, anyway it’s a learning process. To create pictures that have a meaning or even tell a story is what attracts me the most.
All in all it is a really nice experience to play around and to try yourself out and to see how it develops, how you develop.
Some people might be afraid of ending up being stuck in competition, the ‘skinny-drive’ or the drive to appeal to masses and therefore, ending up in mainstream. And sure, there is ‘concurrence’ out there, a lot of models and those who want to become models are out there. But that shouldn’t keep you away from doing what you want to do, if this is really what you like and love doing. In contrast to the aforementioned fears, I think, as the time goes by, you learn a lot about yourself, you get to know what you’re good at, what you’re not good at, what you like and which images and styles you don’t like or do not suit you well and you get to know things that you’d like to try out.
Certainly I cannot speak for all the models out there, but for me modelling in its own way contributed to my personal and creative progress and development. At least, I’d say so.

If you have any other questions concerning modelling & Co., you’re welcome to send me a message. 🙂


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