My Secret Place

for a lovely girl, P.

My Secret Place

When you feel bitter in your heart
as if all the pieces of you fall apart
and you feel lost in time and space,
don‘t give up, but search for that secret place
that‘s hidden deep inside yourself
and you will feel protected by a shell
that keeps your pearl from being broken.
Your emotions, experiences and memories are a token
of what you‘ve been through in the past.
Some of them are meant to last
and others are meant to let go
to stop you from moving to and fro
and support you in making steps forward.
Sometimes the world might lie heavy on your heart,
but you‘ve come so far, why would you go back?
This feeling has nothing to do with lack
of confidence,
but it‘s just human and normal to feel confused and lost,
at least sometimes.
But your life is in your hands
and by the time
you trust yourself
you‘ll be able to step out of your shell
and show your shining pearl again.
Let the good times come and begin.
Trust yourself and believe in your plans,
most of them lie in your hands.
And when you‘ve come far
and you reached that one moment
where the world is captured in time and space,
take this moment to your secret place
to illuminate it and as a reminder of how good you felt.
The secret place is in yourself.

Gina Laventura © 2012


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