Photo & Editing: Ralph Wietek

I tried to keep you close to me.
I didn’t succeed, I didn’t succeed.

A thousand seas I would have sailed,
but I failed, I failed.

Tried my best
to protect you from the storm that was raging in my chest,
but my best just wasn’t good enough,
so I gave up, so I gave up.

Now I’m drifting hopelessly alone
remembering the stars that shone
when you were at my side,
hand in hand facing the tide
and dreaming about a million ways,
back in those days, back in those days.

The star you were, it shone so bright
and guided me through every night,
when I think back.
The sky is black, the sky is black.

Now I’m drowning and I’m drifting,
my head barely ever lifting,
I’m longing for you day by day,
I lost my way, I lost my way.

I face the ground of the ocean deep
and when I weep
my tears drop deep into the water’s blue.
I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

Finally, I found a way to soothe my aching heart,
an ending would become a new start.
On the ocean’s ground a fallen star became a gem,
we’ll meet again, we’ll meet again.

Gina Laventura © 2015


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