How to stay creative Tipp #1

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Photo & Editing: Ralph Wietek

Go outside!

I don’t mean go jogging around the sea five times in a row or walk to the post box that is 500m away, although these are also good things worth to be done.
What I mean is going for a walk, taking time. And sure, you can do it in company or with music in your ears, but sometimes it’s really nice to walk just for yourself and to let your thoughts flow, to take yourself on a little journey, to embrace yourself. Of course, music can be supporting, but on the other hand it might be distracting. But the decision is left to everyone’s own taste.
But what I consider important is that if you take your mobile/smartphone with you that you just do it for safety reasons, for urgent phone calls or to capture a beautiful moment with your cam and not to take a walk with the sunshine in your neck while you stare down on a glimmering display. I mean going out, on days like this, putting on warm clothes and just walk, let the surroundings inspire you. The surrounding itself plays a subordinated role, whether it is a field, a forest, a park, a playground, the empty city centre or a bridge above a highway. Maybe the ideas, impressions and inspirations differ depending on the surrounding, but it is a good start.
Nobody has time nowadays. And that is the disaster. Because sometimes we would have time, if we just took it.
And that also includes time for yourself. Being alone with yourself, being alone with your thoughts while you’re taking a walk, leaving the negative ones at the wayside and making space for the positive ones, the important ones. Leave behind what troubles you, all those little nuisances that are not even worth the time and energy, breathe in the sun, the cold air, the grass, the asphalt, the tires, whatever there is where you are.
Walking includes many aspects, but a big one is letting go, gaining grip on the floor while your head is in the clouds.
However you twist or turn it, I can only speak from my own experience and I consider going for a walk as freeing and refreshing.
Maybe you just want to try it out now and if so I’d be happy if you shared your experiences with me.

Time for a little Sunday stroll 🙂


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