#sundaystory: What is the sundaystory?

Dieser Eintrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar


Basically it’s a game I started.

Here is how it goes:
You give me basic information and I write a story for you.

You give me the following information in the comments below or on Facebook:
a) language: either English or German
b) 1 keyword that serves as the main topic
c) 3 further keywords that have to be mentioned in the text
d) tone (funny, melancholic, sad, sarcastic, saucy…)

There is a deadline for your submissions and afterwards I’m going to draw by lot which submission I’m going to work on, and on one of the following Sundays I’ll be posting the story on my blog and dedicate it to you.

So far, I have done it several times and people seem to have liked it, so probably this is going to happen on a regular basis.


5 thoughts on “#sundaystory: What is the sundaystory?

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