#tbt: Commitment and Confession

#tbt; a poem from 2013

We say it too often, we say it too less
we often commit, but never confess,
we think it right, but discover it wrong,
we’re fragile, but we pretend we’re strong
and strong we are indeed
but too proud to say when we’re in need,
too shy, too insecure,
waiting for someone to cure
What’s all this fuss
We scream, we shout
but never let it all out,
we hide away
and never say
what’s ought to be said,
whole life a gambling bet,
pointing our fingers at sins and sinners,
just wondering who’ll be the winner,
but guess what: There’s no one to win and no one to lose,
it’s all about which step you choose.
With every loss you gain something
and probably you lose something each and every time you win.
This is life, it goes up and down,
don’t complain and don’t you frown
at least not too often
cause after every storm the wind will soften
the waves.
We’re stuck in a pace
that’s out of the rhythm, out of the beat,
we ignore the achievements but we see the defeat.
What’s wrong with this world, we are all one
and we should do what needs to be done
to make it a better place,
get out of that unhealthy pace.
Take a look around yourself
and dare to tell
that it’s not beautiful, dare to find an excuse, another one
to explain why things can’t be done.
Don’t you dare to tell
that your life does not deserve the best version of yourself.
We complain too often, we do too less,
we often commit, but never confess.

Gina Laventura © 2013


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