FAQ Friday: Which Lipstick is that?!

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

Photo & Editing: Norbert Joseffson

When I posted this picture on Instagram, a friend asked “Which lipstick is that?”.
And I promised to give an answer and recommend the lipstick on the picture and other ones.
Plus, this weekend I assume many of you go partying (again), first because it is weekend itself and second because there are a lot of parties and events going on to celebrate the German Unification Day.

So, here we go.


The lipsticks on the picture are all from Manhattan, from the series “Lips2Last” and to be precise, they are not lipsticks, but actually it’s a lipgloss with two components.
First you apply the colour and then you use the transparent gloss to fixate the colour.
The lipstick I wear in that picture is the number 13. (Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a name or I peeled it off when I removed the price tag..)
This lipgloss keeps its promises and really lasts half an eternity.
You apply the colour, wait for 60 seconds and then you apply the transparent gloss. If you get a dry feeling on your lips you just apply the transparent one again.
The colour is really long lasting!
The only thing you have to be careful with is the application of the colour in the first step, because you have to be really accurate to make it look perfect.
A friend of mine saw one of these colours on a colleague of hers and bought one lipgloss out of this series and started raving about it. So when we went out I tried it myself and I was so convinced that I bought two colours afterwards and one week later another two colours.
I’m really content with the quality of these products. They are long lasting and they cost round about 5€ each, which I consider a moderate price if you take into consideration that you don’t need much of it and that it really lasts all night.
The colours in the picture are as follows: The really dark violet one (the one from the photo) is number 13, the lighter violet one is number 18, the nude one is number 19 and the dark red one is number 17.

So, if you’re now eager to get your hands on one of these for tonight, head to the next drug store (in Germany dm for instance) and try them out!
And if after reading this you start using one of them, you’re welcome to share your pictures and your experiences with me.
Just send me a message via email, tag me on instagram with #ginalaventura or tag me on Facebook, if you want to.

I wish you all a nice and happy weekend.


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