My new book is now available on Amazon!

I’m happy to announce that my new book Live Loud & Suffer in Silence is now available on Amazon!
You find me beyond grateful for the support I received these past months that I have been working intensely on birthing this book baby.
Writing it wasn’t a walk in the park and reading it won’t be either.
But I claim it’s a good read. I share the blurb with you:

Take your torch and brace yourself
it might get dark when you dive deep

These texts are not about the sunny side of life.
Rather, they deal with the scenes that are staged in the shadows, that don’t fit into tiny polished squares to be presented on the virtual pin board of one’s life. These are the stories that rarely are the first ones you tell someone on a second date, the ones that you try to hide, the ones that rarely see the sunlight, the ones that aren’t easy to narrate, the ones that yet and still are part of life.

This book aims at shifting the untold stories from the shadows into the light. Because they are worth it. Because they need to be accepted as part of life. Because they deserve to be told.

A compelling collection of 13 pieces of prose framed by thematically linked lines of poetry and resonating rhymes

25% of my royalties will be donated to local mental health institutions that help people suffering from mental health issues, going through crises and needing help.

So, if you decide to purchase it – as an ebook or paperback – know that you’re supporting a good cause too.
You can find the book here, yes right HERE

If you decide to buy and read it and decide it’s a good read, I’d love if you took some of your precious time to rate it and write a review.
It’s also participating in the StorytellerUK2020 contest from kindle and your feedback contributes to shedding light onto the topics discussed in the book for a broader audience.

Thanks for your precious time and attention

Loads of love,



Out Now: Live Loud & Suffer in Silence

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