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Advent season is also baking season, so today I’ll give you the recipe for my cheesecake, that was always quite appreciated.

You need:
a springform.
Put some oil or butter in it and put a bit of flour on it to easily loosen the cake later on. (Tipp from a friend of mine who is a cook: take a piece of kitchen roll, put some oil on it and wipe through the form)

for the base:
250gr flour
150gr butter
80gr sugar (i always take brown sugar)
1 yellow of the egg

for the topping:
500gr quark
1 pot whipping cream (250-300gr)
a few drops of vanilla flavor
3 eggs
80gr sugar

preheat oven.

knead flour, butter, sugar and yellow of egg and put the dough into the spring form.

whip cream and put it aside.

stir quark, sugar and vanilla flavour.
stir each egg separately into it.
stir this dough now on the lowest level for 5 minutes.

gently fold whipped cream in it.

put the topping onto the base dough in the spring form and spread it.

bake it for 45min with 175°C (depending on oven it might even take 1hour with 180°C)
Don’t open oven before the 45minutes are over as the cake might collapse.

test whether it is ready by stinging a needle into the cake. if there rests too much dough on it, it’s not ready yet.

when it’s ready, take the cake out of the oven and let it cool down.

Voilà and bon appetit! 🙂

the cake tastes also very delicious when you add fruits like blueberries. take a package of blueberries, take half of the berries and slice them in the middle and leave the rest whole. fold them into the topping together with the whipping cream.

vanilla sauce is also a highlight on cheesecake.

PS: also works as a lactose free version. (I guess gluten free is also not too complicated.)


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